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What is it like to work with me?

Hear stories directly from people that I have helped!

"I love working with Jenny because she understands the nuances of competing on the 'A' circuit and the mental toughness required to be successful. Jenny's approach is  patient and understanding. She was able to give me practical and helpful skills that I successfully incorporate into my rounds and warm-ups. My horse show anxiety has improved considerably since I began working with Jenny.
I am so thankful!"
"Jenny has helped me so much with my anxiety around riding and competitions, which has only helped me excel in the amateur jumper ring. She has given me new strategies to use when I feel frustrated or nervous around my performance, such as taking time to process my round before I review it with my coaches and encouraging me to use my sports journal to help me remember what strategies worked for me in the show ring. She has also been available for around the clock help and even comes to my competitions for ring-side support. I look forward to continuing to grow with Jenny's help and highly encourage riders of any age (yes, amateurs get anxiety too!) to seek out Jenny's expertise in this field."
"My trainer recommended I speak with Jenny while going through a number of changes in my life that were affecting my ability to stay present and focused while riding and in the show ring. Jenny is so welcoming and provides a comfortable and non-judgmental space that makes it easy to talk through challenges and walk away with concrete things to work on between then and your next session. She helped me hone on which factors contributed to my best performance, which has also been applicable and beneficial for me in other aspects of my personal and professional life."
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